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New Growth

Teens and young adults counselling

While developmentally this is a particularly wonderful time of exploration and curiosity for teens and young adults, sometimes things do not go as expected. Transitions can be challenging, whether it’s the pressures of high school or adjusting to university. Tracy offers individualised support regarding self-esteem, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, internet addiction, academic achievement, body issues, peer relationships, bullying, transitions, family relations, divorce, grief, and generalised feelings of being lost with no clear direction about one’s purpose.

One of Tracy’s priorities is to create a safe and empathetic environment for teens and young adults. This then helps them identify their feelings and express them in healthy, productive ways rather than denying them, and in the process, hurting oneself or loved ones. In working with teens and young adults, Tracy utilises cognitive behavioural, acceptance and commitment therapy, relational, psychodynamic, solution focused, and person centred psychotherapy.

These services can be accessed in Edinburgh, more broadly in Scotland or online over video or telephone.

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