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Privacy is very important to me and I am committed to protecting your privacy in line with GDPR. This document will be monitored and updated regularly, please see below a list of what I do to protect your personal information.


  1. All my client details are held within files that require a password for access. These files are strictly limited to Tracy Williams and an administrator.

  2. Any specific files, such as databases, also hold a password for access and where possible two-step authentication has been added.

  3. Sensitive information need not be included when arranging appointments.  Should you wish to send sensitive information, you may email Tracy directly at

  4. Whenever I am sending emails to more than one person, for example when I am sending confirmation details for a workshop or class, all recipients are blind copied, no email addresses will appear in the received line.

  5. For any online sessions, I use VSee and Zoom software, both of which fully implement data security in their programmes and whose adherence to GDPR compliance is stated within their Terms and Conditions.

  6. I will never share or sell your information with third party companies.

  7. I will retain any information you choose to share with me until you advise me otherwise to delete or alter your information. If you would like to have your details deleted from my records, I will be happy to do so, providing there are no adverse reasons (e.g. a complaint or for legal reasons). To have your information removed, please send an email to with “right to erasure” in the subject line.

  8. These commitments are in place for this website.  You should note this website has many links to external websites, in most cases external peer reviewed research covering the therapies used or other interesting research.  As with any websites, you should be careful what personal data you provide to these websites.

  9. When visiting websites, these may create "cookies" in order to track which pages are accessed over which browsers.  In common with many other websites, we use Google Analytics to understand how the website is used and to give us data to improve it.  These cookies do not store personally identifiable information.  You may decline cookies in your browser for any website, including ours.  This makes no difference to the operation of this site, although it may affect others.

  10. I will review my data security management annually to ensure that I am always compliant with current regulations.  The most recent review was completed in January 2019.

Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions on the above.

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