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Support for family and friends

The NHS quote a report by Action on Addiction which finds 1 in 3 people are addicted to something…but what about the others who are affected by those who are addicted?

Tracy offers counselling to family and friends effected by addiction.  This may be for those currently effected, or addiction may have residual effects from childhood; for example, the (now) adult children of alcoholics. 

Co-dependency is a maladaptive way of being in a relationship.  It is characterised (not exclusively) as negatively interdependent, where one or both parties are over dependant on each other.  The sense of responsibility centres more on the other person’s feelings, needs, wants and desires than their own.  In essence ones feelings and experiences are immersed in another’s behaviour.   Typical self-talk is  “If ___ would ___, I would be okay”.  Sometimes in order to protect a relationship a person forfeits one’s own interests and compromises one’s values. The good news is that Tracy can offer help and resources to restore and create insight so that the foundation of one’s wellbeing is made more stable.

These services can be accessed in Edinburgh, more broadly in Scotland or online over video or telephone.

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