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About Tracy

Tracy is a highly experienced Psychological Therapist. She works with a wide range of issues including anxiety, stress, low mood & depression, anger, grief, self-harm, eating difficulties, co-dependency, and addictions including alcohol & drug abuse. She can work with individuals and couples, as well as children, young people and families. She also works with corporations in delivering mindfulness-based practices to help individuals better manage work and life-based stress.

Tracy has over 30 years of experience and training in the field of psychological therapies. California in the USA leads the world in the development of Psychological Therapy, Tracy’s first 20 years of training and experience was gained in California and then developed in the UK over the most recent 10 years.

Tracy has an open, friendly and supportive manner, backed by her academic qualifications and many years of experience. She is trained in clinical psychology and holds both undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in this area. She holds an MSc in Marriage, Family and Child Counselling. She also holds professional qualifications, and is highly experienced in working with alcohol and drug abuse. Tracy is a visiting lecturer for PhD students completing their final year at Glasgow's Caledonian University, and delivers mindfulness training to individuals, groups and businesses.

Tracy utilises a range of psychological approaches including cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT), psychodynamic/systemic therapies, transactional analysis (TA), and compassion focused approaches. Tracy works in a highly effective, collaborative and goal-orientated way, developing an individualised 'plan' and then using this to structure and focus sessions.

Tracy is the recipient of the 'outstanding service award' from Benton County Health Department in 2005 for her 'flexibility, compassion and leadership qualities'.


Tracy works with a variety of people seeking her help privately/directly, or referred from their GP, or their employer/organisation.

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Tracy is a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), you can read more about them here.

About therapy

Mental health is a now familiar term in the UK.  Accessing counselling and psychotherapy helps a person in distress and can also help prevent increasing distress.  Tracy’s approach is collaborative as each person has different needs.

Having someone to talk to in an open and honest way is very important.  To have a space to talk about any subject is helpful to one’s health and wellbeing.  In doing so, one can have a cathartic experience, see one’s thoughts and behaviours, develop different perspectives, develop emotional intelligence, feel less isolated, share the burden of emotions, improve physical health and develop a greater degree of self-awareness. 

The process of therapy towards one’s feelings and experiences may feel uncomfortable at first.  However, the process of tending to one’s experience with patience, care and openness can develop insight and it is through insight one may attain a deep sense of being ok with self, others and the world.

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